Kim Kardashian Is Naked, Tacky

Kim Kardashian has done a shoot for Playboy. The pictures supposedly won’t be as raunchy as when Ray J. was using her as a urinal. All of her porn endeavors, however, seem wholesome compared to the fact that she showed up at a benefit for the Nicole Brown foundation. You know, O.J.’s ex-wife who he killed? And Kim would be the daughter of the man who got O.J. off. That’s nice. They must have really appreciated her being there. Maybe she brought some kickass deviled eggs to take their mind off what her dead father did when he helped set a bloodthirsty psychopath free.

The voluptuous daughter of O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian recently stripped down for Playboy. “The photos have been already shot. I don’t know if they show everything,” a source tells us. Presumably, the snaps won’t show as much as the notorious sex tape Kardashian made with rapper Ray J. Meanwhile, Kim was partying Saturday with Denise Richards at the Playboy Mansion at a benefit for the Nicole Brown Foundation.

I’m seriously doubting there was a tearful moment when Kim apologized for what her Dad did. The sad thing is that she probably has no idea who Nicole Brown was and just wanted to log some more red carpet time.