Kim Kardashian Is Complex

March 24th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Or should that be spelled Komplex?

Soon-to-be wed Kim Kardashian posed for a photoshoot to accompany her interview with Complex magazine, the issue on which Kanye West is featured on the cover. A vision in gold lamé and false eyelashes framing her best come-hither eyes, the reality TV star posed for a futuristic-themed photoshoot for the magazine. Which I’m guessing is why the interviewer compared her to Kanye…wait, what?

When it was suggested West and Kim shared some kind of kinship, she answered, “I like that. He’s the male version of me. We’re twins!” Now that I think about it, I do remember Kim’s mother telling her, “Kim, stop taking pictures of yourself. Your sister’s going to jail,” on an episode of her show. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that someone has said those very words to Kanye at some point in his life.

But even the curvaceous pinup admits to feeling insecure about her appearance, “Every girl has their insecurities, and with the outfits that they put you in, it became this struggle between people’s perception of me and the reality.” Ain’t nothing a little spandex and Photoshop can’t fix tho, right?

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Gallery Info: Kim Kardashian‘s photoshoot for Complex magazine.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. dollhouse

    Wow…airbrushing at it’s best.

  2. rosa

    All I see is a nasty skank with piss on her.

  3. Jilly

    Wow, I have seen much, much better pictures of her. She looks especially bad wearing that black underwear and blouse. Lumps all over. If she is channeling voluptuousness a la Beyonce, it’s really not working. She looks fat and cheap here.

  4. Dahlink

    She looks like a ‘whore’.

  5. Nicky

    I think the photo of her wearing the black blouse and undies is a really nice picture of her. She’s definately not fat. I don’t think it looks like it’s been airbrushed either. I think we’re so used to seeing rail thin celebrities we forget what real women look like.

  6. Pamela


  7. Kendra

    ok..u guys seriously need to STOP calling her a whore and a slut! i mean…i dont see ANYTHING whorish about these pictures.!! im not a big fan of Kim Kardashian’s..but no one has the right to judge her. shes just taking some DAMN pictures!
    and PAMELA…r u kidding me?? u thought she was perfect until u saw her cellulite…if u keep thinking everyone is perfect then ur gonna be a pretty disappointed person because newsflash: nobody is! and thick is DEFINETLY better! who wants to see skin and bones?

  8. Annie

    First. They’re calling a whore because of how she even became famous in the first place.

    Don’t act like you don’t recall that piss tape.

    And I’m so over the word “thick” that’s just a euphemism for “fat and needs to put the fuckin’ twinkie down.”

    Pfft. And the issue isn’t about rail thin celebs. It’s about the fact that she claims to be proud of her body, and then it gets airbrushed.

    I think she’s very overrated, and is very unfortunate looking without all that makeup and photoshop to help her out.

  9. Nicky

    Annie, I’d really like to see what you look like seeing how judgemental you are of others. She definately isn’t fat. She does love her body. You see her on the beach all the time in a bikini so she must like her body enough to show it off like that. That shows me that she is proud of what she’s got. Who cares about the people she’s hooked up with. It has nothing to do with how she looks.

  10. Maria

    Annie – you are sad! Kim is gorgeous and her body is amazing! You think she’s a fat whore but you are on this website reading about her? Yeah, that’s really sad…

  11. brandi

    annie you hit the nail on the head. i agree!

  12. Da_Chops

    It’s bad enough when men make women feel fat or unattractive because they aren’t 110 lbs, but for women to do it to other women…that’s just ridiculous. I don’t care for people like Kim or Paris who are famous for virtutally no reason, but to make fun of her body or call her fat because she’s not a skeleton is just unfair. Is Jennifer Hudson fat? Beyonce? I don’t understand why women don’t stick together on issues of body image. No wonder our daughters are walking around starving themselves, worrying about their hair and make-up being perfect and acting like they have no moral compass…nothing is ever good enough.

  13. CHAT IT UP

    My goodness! How much more critical can we get? First, Kim is a human with feelings. Second, she’s not perfect – nobody is. Third, there’s waayyy toooo much media attention on physical appearance and that only adds to our obsession. And finally, you’ll never see ‘Perfect Body’ on a tombstone!

  14. bridget

    … girls…. this should be reason to celebrate – proof that NOBODY IS PERFECT. even celebrities.

  15. Brandi

    It is so funny to me, that it is obvious by the comments alone, who is pathetically insecure and who isn’t. People do not feel the need to belittle the people they feel inferior to. To those who say she is ugly without make up and airbrushing…just look up pictures of her leaving the gym…no make-up, work out clothes and hair up…she is still prettier than any “average woman”. She is one of the FEW celebs that actually is still strikingly beautiful without makeup.
    If you are taking the time to look at her pictures, something about you is intrigued by her. She is a model…how many bikini photo shoots have the girls on here calling her “fat and ugly” done. And I’m sure those same girls on here are dating a gorgeous NFL player too, right? and he sees her without the airbrushing…explain that. You can’t….because it is your insecurities talking, not logic. Educate yourself…she is a healthy weight, with curves…NORMAL men like a woman’s body…not the body of a 10 year old boy on a woman. Show me one bit of clinical proof that says her height to weight ratio, says she is “overweight”. yep…can’t do that either. Educate yourself, or shut up. it’s simple. It must be a sad life to be ugly, insecure and unedcuated. Good luck…you all need it. :)

  16. Brandi

    And for the record…I think Da_Chops made the most valid point of anyone on here…major props.

  17. Nicky

    Brandi, I agree with you and Da_Chops posts. It’s unfortunate though that in reality women are the more judgemental of other women then men are of women. There was a post of Amanda Bynes and you could tell the difference between the mens posts and the womens. All the women picked out her cellulite while the men said how great her legs were.

  18. Real Human

    OK. Let’s get real. Definition of fat or skinny has nothing to do with this girl’s self esteem. If her BMI (Body Mass Index) is 20-25%, she’s ok. 25% – 30% is overweight and over 30% is obese. As for pics… I worked in the industry since 94… Everything you see in magazines (95%) is Photoshoped. E.G. Legs are extended, bellies removed, breasts inflated and shaped, skin tones evened. Look at real people not magazines. Conclusion: KIM IS FAT!!! if she dropped 20-30 Lbs to get rid of her fat belly (that covered with belts and corsets on every picture here) She would be perfect!!!

  19. JabaTheNut

    Ahaha all you haters are fags and fatties.

    She is all woman.

  20. Steve Batlow

    I think she is sooooo hot. I would do her

  21. YoulookFab

    Kim Looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Yeh haters, step up lets see your deal. Ahha… Bet you don’t hold a stick to the beauty Kim projects.

    She looks great, props out to technololgy that enhances the bag of bones physiques and the ones with meat on their bones.

    Hey if you have another preferance so be it. She obviously has alot of admirers. I am one of them. You go girl. These are your young and best years. These are your blessings, beauty, and yes folks Hollywood is all about make-up in case you have been in a cave! Hello….

    Maybe you overly insecure unhappy ones can use some makeup your self, looked at that man in the mirror lately, to critique your imperfections, get that backside to!

  22. SadSack

    She is a whore because of her actions – has nothing to do with how she looks.

    She looks like a whore – because well duh! – that’s what whores look like when they hang out in cheap gin joints looking for Johns

    She acts like a whore – because she will fuck a guy on tape for attention

    Slut, whore, cunt. Seems appropriate to me.

    And that 3rd photo? “Fucking Fat Twinkie Eating Whore” would be a good caption.

    Bitch needs to get on a bicycle and do some exercise.

  23. April

    The pics are amazing!! Kim you look great, I wished I had a body like yours!! Big ups to all her HATERS!! That just makes a girl do better!

  24. hahahaha1

    she is still hot as hell..girls stop hating!! ur the reason girls feel bad about their bodies..not men…because we like all kinds of body types..we like skinny girls when they look heathy and also like girls with a big sexy butt like kims!!

  25. ace

    for any man to marry a woman like Kim just shows how stupid and idiotic that man is! I have no respect for Reggie and would never go near a man like him because he is clueless about picking a good wife, he’s marrying th first hoe thats stuck herself to him. Who in their right minds would marry a woman that ha showed her coochie to the entire world and ha been pissed on publically?

    Kim is famous fo being a whore and its sad that the media give her attention because she has done not hing to deserve it. What is her talent? Wha t is her occupational/educational bac kground? Does she sing/dance? I’m pretty sure the answer to the above is NO

  26. lisa

    Annie you are a sad and insecure individual. Even if you are super skinny, you are probably ugly as hell. And even if you are good looking, you are still an insecure evil bitch. Just go to therapy and quit hating on people anonymously on blog comments.

  27. Brandi

    Lame. This is why I really like photos from the 70s and 80s, before the reotuching craze got out of control and people looked REAL. Magazines want to advertise beautiful photos and perfect-looking people so I believe NO ONE looks the way in real life, even thin stars have problem areas, uneven skin tones and out-of-place hairs retouched and digitally removed to make the pictures look more presentable. Get over it. Kim is a real woman and I’m glad to see some REAL pictures minus all the technology, she’s still beautiful and if people need to stop attacking other people’s flaws and maybe look more at themselves? :)

  28. Brittany

    I don’t think it’s fair to criticize her for the airbrushing because we all know that every professional photo taken of a celeb is airbrushed. She clearly has cellulite because she goes and gets it removed on an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s”. I’m pretty sure every woman has some cellulite, thin or thick. She looks great with tons of make up but when she’s without all of her fake eyelashes and extensions she looks like any other girl. Call her what you want for making a sex tape because she put that out there and has made money/ a career off of it. She kind of set herself up for the negativity and harsh comments when she owned up to that. BUT you have to give her credit because we all know who she is so whatever she is doing is working!

  29. Griffin Alexander

    Kim Kardashian, physically is hot. She’s beautiful. Despite cellulites. Even slim women I know and have seen have some sort of cellulites, and those cellulites don’t lessen their worth as a human being. Self-confidence is the best thing in a woman, as long as it ain’t overdone. Frankly, when things are getting all hot between a man and a woman, a normal man won’t even notice all those cellulites. All we can think of is: man, she’s hot.
    What I can’t believe is the ability of many women to change a topic about physical beauty into that of morality. Her boyfriend needs not be mentioned here, either. Who he wants to marry is completely up to him, ladies. Personally speaking, I wouldn’t want to marry a girl like her, but fair is fair, and while she ain’t my type 4 a gf or a wife, the girl definitely isn’t ugly. She’s curvy, and she’s real. Real means having imperfections inside and outside. That’s why, ladies, get real. You’re the reason the word ‘bitchy’ got its present meaning, and you’re the reason anorexia and bulimia exist.
    One more thing for SadSack and Annie: we, men, pay money for these ‘whores’ to sexually please us. Hence the name ‘whore’. So please, don’t confuse the term with a woman who’s loose sexually. I assume SadSack is a woman, or a male chauvinist. If u’re a man, then u’re a shame to our kind, bro.

  30. lucy

    all she is famous is for her ass, and yeah all women develop cellulite but her ass is full of it.

    Really, I dont recall her being or having a role anywhere but showing her ass .

    she is gross!!!!

    get a real life kim!!!

  31. selina

    She is beautiful…. you all have to admit it!! and so what if she has cellulite! We all have it!!

  32. trees in csc

    ya’ll is some haters! I LOVE Kim!! I would like to see what you’ll negative a** people look like! ha!

  33. Valerie

    I have no respect for her or her xrated video. She is SLEAZY!

  34. B.Mo

    Ace, if you actually knew about her background you would feel really dumb. She is well known because of her deceased father, but prior to him even passing away, she was a celebrity stylist, and being a model I would call a talent. Not everyone can. Your just an idiot. And too sadsack…yea, your sad she had sex w/her boyfriend of 3 years and that tape leaked…somehow..How is having sex w/your boyfriend being a whore? To everyone else calling her fat, such HATERS that never get anywhere. I think she’s beautiful…coming from a female too!

  35. mels*

    heeeeey im new on here wow there so maaannnyyy retard it ppl on here actually takin out the time to talk shit first of all it was the giraffe lookin biotch paris hilton who started that shit wit the cellulite its obvious the bitch cant keep friends havin drama n shes in the same road as kim… (paris hilton)shes famousfor absoulutelynuttin shes jus mad kim could bak it up alli goottaasaaayyy is that i Love kim n coco T… im in there category fo sho i Support Us woman***ya”llwish to look like Usz!!!!!!!! nuttin else to say MELS*******

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  39. Lo

    I love how anyone who thinks that Kim is fat/ugly is suddenly jealous, hideous, insecure, and/or fat. I’m sorry you guys have shit standards regarding women. Maybe if you weren’t disgusting basement dwellers who feel the need to type out angry responses with your lard-encrusted fingers, defending someone you don’t even know personally, you would have better taste.

    But nice logic, morons. How does it feel to be so stupid?

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