Kim Kardashian Has A Little Cry

Kim Kardashian has been putting in some major time on Kourtney and Khloe’s show in Miami lately and now it looks like there is an emotional scene between Kim and Kourtney. We are going to guess that it’s about her break up with Reggie Bush, or if she is going to continue to not address that, then her Twitter feud with Demi Moore.

Or maybe it’s about one of the fights she and her sisters have every other week.

Here’s the copy from the paparazzi company

“Though she never planned to be here this long it’s testiment [sic] to their bond as right now we know Kim needs her sisters and her sisters need her close by. We can not help but be impressed at the professionalism of Kim to maintain her composure in public. She is a notoriously shy with her emotions and this is the first time we have seen her waiver even the slightest bit. However, she does so with incredible poise and good taste.”

Here’s what it actually looks like.

Kim and Kourtney come to each lunch. Kim delicately dabs a cheek with her napkin. Kim looks in her compact mirror at make up that has not so much as smudged. Kourtney shows her something on her phone that makes her ooooh and then gives her a big smile (A picture of Mason/picture of Reggie in an embarrassing situation/supportive tweets/a new boy). A crew member helps Kim on with her jacket. They Leave. How does she do it all with such poise….