Kim Kardashian Goes Nude And Unretouched, Caught Kissing Cristiano Ronaldo

No touch ups is the new hotness and combine that with the spring fever nudity going on and you’ve got untouched nudity.

Kim Kardashian joined Joy Bryant and Amanda de Cadenet in taking it off for Harper’s Bazaar and even more scary, leaving the photo untouched. Nudity isn’t new for Kim, but hopefully it keeps getting better for this girl.  “I’m sorry I did Playboy,” she said of her 2007 shoot. “I was uncomfortable.” But it sounds like so is being visibly naked in general for the girl who other people’s boyfriend’s probably fantasize about. “A good six months have to go by before I’ll leave the lights on for a boyfriend,”she said. Looks like her possible new man will have to wait a while.

According to sources who talked to The Daily Mail, Cristiano Ronaldo, seen here having lunch with the Real Madrid football players on April 7, met up with the newly single Kim in Madrid. Reportedly they had a romantic dinner and “were kissing and very affectionate.” Looks Like Khloe Kardashian might have been right.

The new reported pair up comes swiftly behind the heels of the rumors that Reggie Bush is dating Jessie James, the hot country singer not the cold-hearted cheater.