Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want A Ring On It

I may not aspire to follow in Kim Kardashian’s sexual escapades the way some crazies do, but I will give my future bestie props for deciding that sometimes the world DOES need to revolve around us and we don’t need a man on our side to make it happen. Plus…let’s talk about those killer Christian Louboutin stems she wore in LA yesterday while eating with friends. #obsessed

On this week’s cover of Life & Style magazine, sources say Kimmy is just as single as Snooki is drunk. And apparently, she ended it with equally attractive Dallas Cowboy star, Miles Austin, because she needed to take their relationship at a much slower speed.

And who can blame her? Kim’s laundry list of men that want to bite her flower is astounding! Why bother with settling for just one?

“I’m a workaholic, so I’m trying to dive into work and make it all about me and try to focus on everything I want to accomplish now,” she said. “I’m all by myself, so I can do it all!”

If I could compare fashion, relationship and fake eyelash tips with Kim on a daily basis, I would. For now, I’ll settle with tweeting that I support her dumping the black one-shouldered dress and the NFL player all in one breath.

(Insert ‘Single Ladies’ theme song here).