Kim Kardashian Confirms There’s a Sex-Tape, But She Doesn’t Need Your Money, OK?

February 5th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Kim Kardashian, still attempting to ascend to the same heights of trashiness as her friend Paris, has now confirmed that there is a sex tape featuring her and Moesha’s brother , but she doesn’t want any profits from it, thanks. She has her own money. The shoes on my feet, I bought it! The rock I’m rockin, I bought it! The watch you’re wearin’, I bought it! The tape of me f*ckin I’m not sellin’, I bought it!

The model and Paris Hilton pal had repeatedly denied the existence of such a video, made with her ex-boyfriend, R&B singer Ray J.

But on Thursday, she came clean to Sal Masekela of E!’s “Daily 10″ – and admitted there is more than one.

“Have there been tapes? Maybe, yes,” she confessed. “But are they for sale? No. Not for sale. That’s our business.”

In a written statement to the New York Daily News, Kimmy said that “she has two successful businesses and doesn’t need the money”. Well!

Just so you know, this tape will make it out there. It’s inevitable. Sex tapes rise to the surface, much like dead bodies. Ray J. or Kim will need the money 20 years from now and start hawking this mess.

A note to our beloved A Socialite’s Life readers – if you film your sex acts, someone’s eventually going to see them. It’s just the law of averages or Murphy’s Law or something like that. So if you don’t want people seeing you get plowed or knowing you’re into pleather or something, put the camcorder away. And stop acting retarded.

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By J. Harvey

  1. SillyBecky

    Maybe RayJay should sell that video for $50 million and help his sister out…..

  2. Draya

    Could Kimmy wear anymore makeup? She’s starting to look tranny. She needs some Noxema, stat!

  3. kt

    Why is this happening…….stupid sluts, get out of my gossip.

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