Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush Call It Quits, But She Can Have Babies

It seems like a day of celebrity breakup, doesn’t it? Not long after posting on her official website that she is perfectly capable of having babies, it has been confirmed that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have broken up.

Kim’s reps have confirmed the news to US Magazine saying that “Nobody cheated. This is just a
case of conflicting schedules and their lives going in different
directions.” It seems like just yesterday when Kim had to fight off rumors that she and Reggie were engaged. Although a publicist did mess that one up. But she did say that if Reggie had proposed she would have said yes. I wonder what else has happened with the two of them?

It’s quite possible that Reggie read all the false rumors about Kim not being able to have babies. However, Kim responded to those rumors this morning. “Its been reported online that I can’t have children of my own and that’s
totally false. asked me if I would ever adopt and I said I
would love to have my own children. If I weren’t able to then adopting
might be an option, but otherwise I would love to have my own. How does
that translate into I cannot have kids!? If you read anything online
saying I can’t have children, those are totally false stories. Some
media outlets are just taking what I said to and twisting it!”

Kim and Reggie looked so happy just a few weeks ago when they visited Africa. Reggie even sweet-talked his way back on their airplane so he could find Kim’s missing passport.

Well, I guess all good things must come to an end. Sadness indeed.

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