Kim Kardashian And Paris Hilton Get Bitchy In Vegas

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are still feuding and Vegas sure helped them bring out the claws! The two gals have fought it out in the past and made nice, but rumors of Paris hanging out with Kim’s ex Reggie Bush have added fuel back to the fire. 

The two girls both turned up at the Las Vegas club Lavo’s two-year anniversary party. Kim attended the celebratory dinner then the party, where Paris made an appearance after catching the Lady Gaga concert.

“She showed up after 2 a.m. hearing Kim was there and wanted to take
over the party, but she just embarrassed herself wanting the deejay to
play Stars Are Blind,'” a source said “Everyone laughed when the deejay played it.”

Afterward, Kim (pictured shopping and chatting up Adrian Grenier in L.A. yesterday) announced to everyone, “Now let’s hear some real music!” Oh no she didn’t! The two girls then had to share a table and didn’t speak a word to one another. They still tweeted later though that they had a great time in Vegas. Let’s hope these two don’t start a war over Justin Bieber next…