Kim Kardashian’s Booty Not Yet Locked Down

January 2nd, 2008 // 12 Comments

Look at how Kim’s sister Khloe appears to have looked over just at the moment at which Kim is reminding NFL running back Reggie Bush why exactly it is he’s dating her in the first place. You almost feel as if Khloe must be thinking, “What the hell is she doing?” And then with the news that Kim is definitively NOT engaged, you realize–oh that’s right, she’s working to secure her future. Kim told Us Weekly that any reports that she and her boyfriend, Reggie, had were engaged are completely bogus. “It’s not true,” she says, then adding, “Not yet!” But not for lack of trying, as you can see here. If she really wants to throw Reggie a hint that she’s hankering for a stronger commitment, she should just do it the old-fashioned way and throw out her birth control pills. Cause nothing says “You’re Never Getting Rid of Me” quite like a bouncing bundle of joy. And I’m not just referring to Kim’s caboose…

12 more photos of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush enjoying their New Year’s Eve after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. tony the tiger

    While I find Kim attractive I also think that Reggie Bush would NEVER marry a woman who has been in a sex tape or Playboy Magazine. His background requires playing the field with tramps like her and then settling down with a respectable woman he can bring home to mom. She has got to be kidding herself if she thinks he is keeping her.

  2. Logan

    Don’t marry her, Reggie! You don’t have to. She’ll give you anything you want for free – and all your friends, too!

  3. cvjmwe

    is he pissing on her in that pic?

  4. T-Bone

    Kim is absolutely beautiful. No doubt. One great thing about her — she doesn’t drink alcohol. That alone makes her at least somewhat smarter than her Hollywood buds. However, she’s lacking in self-respect. Anyone who flaunts their body parts constantly and has sex with random men is lacking identity and security. She should get her large arse back to school and get an education — become something other than a sex symbol. Stupid and beautiful is boring. Smart and beautiful is hot.

  5. Monique

    Well I think that reggie bush just wanted a taste of wut all the BLACK men were talkn about…. they HIT…
    But kim get real…. u aint wifey type….
    And the only reason the black man want to fuck u is because of ur ass… now honestly think….. if u didn’t have ass… do u think u would have my man… nope u wouldn’t… I Just thought I would just put that out there…

  6. Han

    Reggie Bush and many other black guys will just use and abuse that chick..I don’t mean abuse as in a physical abuse. I meant it as like trash. She gives them sex and other stuff and of course they will take it…After Reggie has all the fun and after he banged that body so many times..he will get sick of it and will move on to another stupid chick..That’s just how it is..

  7. solie

    I feel sorry for Reggie’s mom.Who wants that sewer hole for a daughter-in-law.She is nasty old
    ho.I hope he’smart enough to find himself a decent woman when he finishes f—- her big ass.

  8. fotunada

    She is gorgeous. But I hope Reggie does not marry her. There are to many well respected,beautiful Black-American women out there.

  9. You know what they say, “once you go black, you never go back”.


    Omg is reggie serious!! Kim is Beautiful, but to marry or even date a “socialite = whore”?! im gutted! thats disgusting ridiculous and utter outrageous. He is one of the most influencial Black men of all time and she and her slut-bag family just waste time acting like idiots! he deserves better than that crazy disrespectful family.

    Kim and her family should get a life and stop being so damn hungry for fame!

  11. C4LiWooD

    DIANE LDN says:

    “He is one of the most influencial Black men of all time”

    Are you serious!?!?!… MLK… Malcom X…. Will Smith…. President Elect Obama……

    Do any of those name ring a bell?

    Those are influential People…. Reggie Bush is still stuggling to be a Running Back… which is what he does for a living. If anything Adrian Peterson is more influential (Vikings Running Back) At least he does what hes paid to do.

    LOL… Reggie Bush most influential Black man of all time…. Still Laughing!!!….

  12. Manolo

    Kim is like a twenty on a scale of 1-10. It’s too bad she has no formal education, but be real any man …any race would want her physically at least for a little bit . Let Reggie Bush do his thing in peace. I don’t think he would really fall in love with her. I hope he has higher standards.

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