Kim Kardashian Denies That She Got Her Maxipad Confused

May 29th, 2008 // 10 Comments

There’s a shitstorm of controversy (that was beneath me) about the truth behind Kim Kardashian‘s ass. Non-believers claim she is wearing some sort of pad or even specially designed foam panties to give that ass the extra heft that will attract NFL players who drive hot cars. Kim took to her website to deny this.

“OMG! When will people get off my a–, literally! Haha. I have said it a million times before and I’ll say it again: My booty is as real as the designer items I’m auctioning off on eBay,” she writes.

(Kim is auctioning stuff from her closet on EBay to benefit the Dream Foundation. Watch out for panty crickets.)

Kim goes on to write that her photo shoots prove that she doesn’t wear a buttpad. In fact, she wants haters to kiss her “real” and “gorgeous” ass. Not if you were the last amateur porn star on Earth. Honey.

Photos: SplashNewsOnline/BauerGriffinOnline

More photos of Kim Kardashian’s possibly padded ass are after the jump.

Photos: SplashNewsOnline/BauerGriffinOnline

By J. Harvey

  1. Shanna

    Photo hoots. LOL

  2. Erica

    I don’t think it is padded but I do think she and Jessica Bael went to the same Brazilian butt implant doctor Kim just had to much implanted…..!!!

  3. joan durtz

    Her ass is lumpy. I may be real though because her sisters have big fat ugly asses too.

  4. Suse

    I don’t get it
    The last thing I would want is a big fat ass

  5. LeslieD

    She does look like she is wearing a great big maxi-pad–that title is great. Can we see her ass in a bikini? Is it full of cottage cheese cellulite or is it nice and firm–you can’t really tell with clothes? Anyway, who tell hell is she? How did she get so popular and who are these dumb f—s that are so excited to see her?

  6. nicaw

    I’m just wondering why her butt wasn’t of big attention before, if it’s real? She was a friend of Paris Hilton and was hanging with her all the time. You would think the paps would have been all over pictures then.

    It seems all of a sudden (just over a year, I guess) that her butt has had so much attention.

  7. Erica

    I don’t think it is padded but I do think she and Jessica Bael went to the same Brazilian butt implant doctor Kim just had to much implanted…..!!!

  8. TS

    I don’t understand: the clothes she’s selling as hers are size 2 and XS, but her ass is huge! How does that work? And she looks a medium on her show.

  9. cowster

    i think its kinda shitty that she keeps saying this is a “charity auction” and she’s only giving 10% of the proceeds to the charity and keeping the rest. she should be ashamed. how gauche

  10. John Paul

    Shop with Kim Kardashian on ebaY *WHAT A JOKE*

    Is this serious? ebaY is promoting this like crazy on there homepage and she is only donating 10% of the proceeds. WOW 10%. As if these people don’t make enough money for doing nothing and having one of the most abnormal mothers in the world, now eBay is helping them make more money by selling there designer stuff that they probably got for free anyway. You’re better than that ebaY. Good job promoting the Billy Cosby Sweater Auctions that donate 100% of the proceeds, but not this. What a stupid world we live in……

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