Kim Kardashian Wants Her Double To Cut The Shit


Kim Kardashian took to her website and….ok, she probably phoned someone up who phoned someone else up and then someone typed up something to translate her whiny command of “tell them to quit it, gawd!” to the Intranets. Kim claims that there is someone promoting a Kim Kardashian lookalike in Houston, Texas and she wants to warn her fans about it.

Here’s a picture of the sad bitch who’s posing as her. That’s a howl. She has a look on her face that says “has my life really come to this? Impersonating Kim Kardashian? I could have had a V8.”

Kim says that she’s aware of this chick and the dude pimping her.

“I am angry and disappointed to hear that people are going around a Houston, Texas, nightclub pretending to be me and pretending to work with me, lying and conning my friends and fans.

A man in Houston has been selling tickets and promoting me and my image without my permission – and you know who you are – and taking a look-a-like to clubs pretending to be me, but hiding behind dark sunglasses and curtains – refusing to meet or speak to anyone. THIS IS NOT ME,” she writes.

Kardashian claims she has no plans to visit Houston “until June,” and is asking her fans to spread the word about these “con artists.”

Because I’m sure Kim has never refused “to meet or speak with anyone” in her lifetime. Please.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online