Kim Kardashian Has A Mission For Burma

May 9th, 2008 // 2 Comments

I watched this…and it’s Kim Kardashian trying to do good….but her giant ass was just so PRESENT in that incredibly tight tube dress she puts on. And she keeps making jokes about how dumb she is. And her sisters are mocking her. And listening to the Kardashian sisters discuss Burma’s current political climate in those airhead Hills voices…the juxtapositioning was just too much! It’s like listening to Britney Spears talk about Darfur. DOES. NOT. COMPUTE. Uh, good job there, Kim?

By J. Harvey

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    It’s weird, and I wish Kim did a better job of delivering her lines, but part of a really excellent series of PSAs from US Campaign for Burma:

  2. Too bad it’s actually called Myanmar now.

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