Kim Kardashian Wipes Off The Call Girl

Wow, Kim Kardashian au naturel. What inspired this? I’m thinking gynecology visit (you don’t want to encourage him by looking like a tramp, I’ve seen movies where they go bad) or bikini wax (the woman tearing strips of hair off your grendel doesn’t deserve your beauty). She actually looks..human. I need to put this bong down if I’m writing smack like that.

Kim’s a little irritated with wall-eyed slattern Paris Hilton. If you’ll recall, Paris went on a radio station and called Kim’s overinflated butt freak ass “disgusting” and compared it to a “trashbag filled with cottage cheese.” I’m still in therapy over the fact that I admired Paris Hilton for a millisecond. It passed.

Paris publicly apologized, and Kim supposedly accepted but that’s just for show. Bitch was angry. She recently went to Mexico with her nasty brood and got some clothes from Ed Hardy for the trip. In return, she arranged to have the paps photograph her and her Yeti-like sisters wearing the tattoo outfits. On one condition. She asked the Ed Hardy hacks not to give Paris any togs.

Who the f*ck wants to wear that Ed Hardy bullshit anyway? I am very very sorry, but I don’t want to look like I’m wearing the flensed skin of a Hell’s Angel. Nasty.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN