Pat O’Brien Chats Up Kim Kardashian, Obviously Still Into Freaky Sex

One of the highlights of my life was hearing that tape of The Insider’s Pat O’Brien calling that chick and looking to “get crazy,” and snort coke and bang in front of her kids. Obviously, Pat hasn’t gotten over his wildin’ because here he is chatting up Kim Kardashian. Kim’s done porn, and likes getting pissed on so this could be a beautiful love story. It would be leather slapping plastic.

Kim might need the encouragement of Pat’s attentions. Paris Hilton recently told a radio station that Kim’s big ass was like a “trashbag filled with cottage cheese.” That’s gotta hurt. Paris wasn’t far off, but still – ouch.

Photos: WENN

12 more photos of Kim Kardashian talking with Pat O’Brien from The Insider on Sunset Blvd. after filming scenes for her show Keeping up with the Kardashians after the jump.

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Photos: WENN