Kim G. Says Danielle Staub Belongs In The Gutter

July 30th, 2010 // 2 Comments

Responding to the rumors that Danielle Staub was looking to buy a high-rise unit in the same building as her, Kim Granatell said it’s not happening and that Danielle can’t afford to live there.

“She belongs in the ghetto or in the gutter,” she told The Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro. If you’ve seen the teasers for the upcoming Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, you know that shit is about to go down between these two.

Check out the video of her talking about Danielle’s lesbian love affair and counters Bethenny Frankel‘s ‘termite’ remark with some of her own…watch them all after the jump!

By Justin Thompson

  1. fuwre

    You know what is FILTHY about this Low life CHick as well as the rest of those smelly skants called housewives, MINUS DANIELLE, they go around parading, well let me speak for this troll that you guys interviewed. I fell SO SORRY for danielle the way she pretended to be friends with her on the show and unbiased, meanwhile here her OLD, Wrinkeled up self is talking shit!!! What ales me is the way that they dislike danielle because of her past. SO THE EFF WHAT!!!!! Who died and made you skanks god that she should answer for any of her actions with you?! They too have their own shit that heavens forbid someone found out, so the question is WHY THE EFF do you nasty skants persecute danielle the way that you do? WHO THE F ARE YOU? To be quite honest, it’s not there fault they, MINUS DANIELLE are hostel BEAST, when you are born italian you have no choice but to act like you just got off a crowded boat!! Because THAT IS who you italians came her, no different than slavery…ON A FUCKEN BOAT!! so that is why they revert back to what they no best, hostility!!! BEAST and BUFFOONS!!! I need to take a shower any time I watch this show…That is how dirty they are…Nothing but wiggers!!!!!!! On TV!!!! MINUS DANIELLE!!!!!!!!!!She has shown more class than ANY OF YOU PIGS then I;ve seen the entire 2 season…Again, regardless of what she’s done in her life, what? Someone died and made you trolls god? You have the right to judge her? Does she have to answer to you guys for her actions? AS IF!!! I CANT WAIT FOR THIS SHOW TO FINALLY GET CANCELLED ALREADY to send these PIGS back to there miserable lives!!!…And meanwhile that no forehead bitch…who thinks she’s effen rocky, was on yahoo having to file FORECLOSURE…while she totally denied it at the time!!! Play rocky with a REAL chick THAT won’t back down…why don’t cha…so they could give you the present your itchin for!!

  2. Melanie

    You better back off Bethany you creppy old hag!!!!!!!

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