Kim Cattrall Insists, Samantha Jones is Single and Lovin’ Life

They decided to be each other’s soul mates a long time ago and Samantha Jones is basking in singlehood glory, Kim Cattrall confirms it in an interview with MTV’s Hollywood Crush.

Samantha is sure to be the favorite in Sex and the City 2, which debuted yesterday and the film is expecting to pull in millions this weekend. Two things Cattrall must be smiling about as she arrived in Heathrow airport. I only wish I looked that put together and accessorized when I travel.

Samantha is right where she should be in the sequel: SINGLE.

Sorry Smith, you’ve been one-upped. Making the statement “You loose some things, but gain other things” that’s so much sexier. And when it comes to Samantha, it’s all about sex anyway.