Kim Zolciak Performs ‘Google Me’ Live!

November 23rd, 2010 // 6 Comments

While we were too busy getting our music on during the American Music Awards – which you can recap here – another musical MILESTONE was taking place on Bravo in the clubhouse with Andy Cohen.

Yes, Kim Zolciak – who finally announced that her pregnancy was real – performed her new song “Google Me” live. Yep – L.I.V.E. Watch her utterly mesmerizing performance that makes me question if she didn’t beat Pink this week in the battle of singers who are expecting. And by the looks of how Kim puts that microphone near her mouth, it’s no wonder she’s pregnant. I can’t wait to hear what the other Real Housewives of Atlanta have to say about this.

Check it out after the jump!

By Justin Thompson

  1. Also, I feel like this is one of her shitty wigs from the first season of RHOA…

  2. Shiloh

    I think its got a good beat, but it could have been a little better.
    I saw a video parody of this song, and i think the word setting is better on he parody.

    It doesnt cancel out tardy for the party though that ones still the best.

    Keep on going kim!

    • ‘Tardy for the Party’ is amazing. Hands down.

      This is catchy, but it’s just not as clever and I agree, I like the beat. Did you see the RHOA where she was singing “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing?”

  3. Jaron

    fuck her life

  4. Pharty Pujole

    What’s the appeal of this song? She can’t sing, the music is formulated shtick, she doesn’t seem interested in spite of the song being 100% self-promotion, and she’s seated on that stool like she had a hard ride in the green room–and the presenter’s carrying on during the song really reinforces that image. UGH! I feel like I need a bath after seeing this.

  5. Kelly

    Who in the hell thought it was a good idea to market Kim Zolciak as a singer?? I know deaf children who can sing better.

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