Kim & Khloe Kardashian Get Frisky At Miami Coffee Stand [PHOTOS]

Auntie Kim Kardashian
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There goes that Kardashian family, grabbing people’s asses again.

This time it was Kim Kardashian–she’s really into butt grabbing–who decided to say hello to sister Khloe’s bum. The Kardashian family are currently taking Miami and have a found a fun Cuban coffee shop to frequent.

It was at that very location that in a moment of sibling love, Kim grabbed Khloe’s ass. At least she wasn’t grabbing the ass of like the barista or something. Not sure Kanye would have liked that. So did we see any Kardashian nipple this time?

Nope. Sorry. Apparently that’s only something saved for when Kim decides to wear drapery out and about. Actually, I kinda like Kim’s coffee shop outfit choice. Grey shirt with leather skinny pants–it’s nice, it’s casual, it’s not showing off weird parts of her body. Guys, I just said something super nice about Kim.

And Khloe looks much better here than the last time we saw her. Just click through this gallery to see what I mean. And don’t forget to check out this gallery for all the Kim and Khloe butt grabbing photos. Now is it just a Kardashian thing? Or like, a worldwide thing that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!