Kim Kardshian’s Prayer For Her Boobs

“Dear God. I know I’m gorgeous, and have the biggest and sweetest ass ever, and I thank you for that. But, no pun intended, please make my boobs stop growing! I just can’t handle having ginormous boobs. Amen.”

At least that’s how I imagine Kim’s prayer to God when like. Who knew that Kim Kardashian was a religious woman?

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Here’s an excerpt from PopEater’s interview with Kim Kardashian, seen here at the nail salon in Beverly Hills yesterday, and her sister regarding Kim’s boobs:

Kim, you write in ‘Kardashian Konfidential’ how you had a hard time with your body as a young girl.

Kim: Kourtney used to torture me and think I was odd because I had big boobs. I was 11 when I got my period and I started developing. I would sit in the bathtub, take a washcloth, put it under really hot water and put it against my boobs and pray to God, please don’t make my boobs grow any bigger. And Kourtney would be like, “Your boobs are so big and ugly!” She was so mean and then I would have to wear a bra and she would say, “Who wears a bra? That’s so disgusting.” It was so embarrassing.

So Kim was trying to burn boobs off? I guess she finally accepted them.

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