Kim Kardashian’s New Puffier Lips

People either love or hate Kim Kardashian. The New York Times published an article the other day on that very topic. Despite the fact that certain people can’t seem to stand her, she does have over 5.3 million Twitter followers.

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This is what one young lady had to say about Kim, “She has an ethnic sex appeal,” said Sarah Harooni, 26, a paralegal from Queens. “I like how she created a franchise with her sisters. That opens a lot of opportunities for women who have a spark of beauty and want to shine. She reminds me of Sophia Loren.”

The flip side to that are the haters. After Kim’s nude appearance on the cover of W, one angry reader wrote, “No iteration of W should give credence to such banalities.” Ouch.

I wonder what her haters and her admirers will have to say about her newly plumped up lips that she debuted in New York City yesterday? Leave your thoughts in the comments, or take our poll on the homepage to let us know how you feel about Kim.