Kim Kardashian Wishes She Had Eloped, Renews Vows On ‘Ellen’ [VIDEO]

October 5th, 2011 // Leave a Comment

Aww, we found Kris Humphries, 26, to be a bit charming during his talk show tour with wife Kim Kardashian this week.  While on Leno (airing tonight), Humphries talked about when he and Kardashian first started dating (I say this like it was years ago).

A teammate of the New Jersey Nets star told Humphries that Kardashian wanted to, um, “holler” at him.  Was he into it?  Meh.”I didn’t know her very well, I didn’t know much about her.  “I thought she wasn’t gonna be as nice as she is and down to earth, and when I got to know her, you know, I fell in love with her.”  Someone’s gettin’ lucky tonight.

Then the married couple headed on over to Ellen (airing today), where the talk show host presided over their vow renewal.  “I promise to love, trust and keep up with you,” DeGeneres instructed Humphries to recite to his bride.  When asked what they would do differently, Kardashian said she would elope, while Humphries would have had a longer after party.  Kardashian agreed with her beloved, but added, “I was so crazy for an entire month.  I don’t know how wedding planners do this for their job: I literally went crazy — it was so stressful!”

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By Kelly Lynch

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