Kim Kardashian Urges You To Embrace Your Wobbly Bits

Kim Kardashian says “Hello World!” in her yellow bikini on the May cover of U.K. Cosmopolitan.  K Dash’s message to the masses?  She’s got a bit of cellulite, but she don’t give a damn.  Urging young girls to embrace who they are and love what they look like is her mantra, Kim told Cosmo. Yes, she loves her Rice Krispie treats and yes she loves her ice cream.  Kim has boobs and a butt, so tough sh__ to those hatorading.

I see ridiculous stories about my butt, like how it has been insured. I feel like saying, ‘Hey, everyone has a butt. It’s not that big a deal!’ But I suppose it’s flattering. Personally, I’ve always loved the curvy look. Even when I was a little girl and all my friends would be like, ‘Oh, my god, your butt’s so big.’ And I’d say, “I love it.'”

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Kim also talked up the assets of a few famous siblings: Khloé is super-tall, with great legs; Kourtney is tiny with a great stomach. We embrace the fact that no one is really alike. Our parents always made us feel like, ‘This is who we are, we’re all beautiful and this is exactly how we’re supposed to be.’ We never had any pressure to look different and I think that’s why we’re so confident about it today.”