Kim Kardashian Turns 32, A Dash Back At SL’s Favorite Kim K Magazine Covers. [PHOTOS]

Kanye & Kim Go Shopping
West Takes Kardashian On A Stroll Around NYC
Kim K on Instagram
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Kim Kardashian is looking better than ever (and perhaps happier than ever with boyfriend Kanye West). Believe it or not, she is 32! Happy birthday, Kim!

This reality star, socialite and model is always up to something whether it’s the shenanigans her and the rest of the Kardashian’s get themselves into, the filming for one of her reality TV shows, kickin’ it with Kanye, or gracing us with her presence on magazine covers. She’s everywhere!

I wonder what the Kardashian clan has planned for her. Maybe another one of their trips to Vegas? A party with 200 of their closest friends? Any which way, count me in! I’m sure that whatever is in store for her will be something outrageous and glam.

To celebrate Kim’s 32nd birthday, flip through the gallery for a look at 10 of the many magazine covers she has appeared on!