Kim Kardashian Suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction

Kim K Goes See-Through
Kim Kardashian pushes the sexy envelope.
Paris Fashion Week is a time for style, class, and apparently a wardrobe malfunction from Kim Kardashian.

Kim was seen leaving the Meurice Hotel with her rapper fiancee Kanye West today, and lets just say her outfit wasn’t exactly modest. The reality star sported a silver jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, and whether she meant it to or not her nude bra was completely exposed to her public and the cameras. Whoops! Neither Kim or Kanye seemed to notice the slip though as they confidently left the hotel together. Way to rock it, Kim.

Kanye West has been exposing himself lately as well, but in a different way than Kim.  In a recent interview with Interview Magazine, Kanye let loose about how he feels about his new family, with Kim and their baby girl, North West.

Kanye talked about music, love, and how being famous and having a family is a lot like being in outer space. Interesting analogy, Kanye. In a lot of his comments Kanye sounds confused, as if he’s unsure of what he thinks about anything. He says things like “I don’t understand,” and “I don’t have an answer,” which to me sounds like he’s not super invested in what he’s talking about. When he starts talking about North is when he seems more genuine. On how he plans to raise his daughter, Kanye confided, “The teachings and the confidence that was instilled by my grandfather into my mother, and from my mother into me—which will now, of course, be instilled by me into North—will create the best winter coat against doubters and dream-killers ever made.”