Kim Kardashian Steps Out In Yet Another Sheer Number [PHOTOS]

December 3rd, 2012 // 1 Comment
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After popping over to Kuwait and Bahrain for a little “how do you do?” Kim Kardashian is back on U.S. soil.  Today, she stepped out in a few outfits, one of which made us do a double take.

Holy hell, the curves!

Kardashian’s trip to Bahrain didn’t come without a little controversy, natch.  Citing the reason for the reality star’s fame (rhymes with mex fape), many Bahrainians weren’t down with her Millions of Milkshakes stop.  According to the New York Times, one citizen tweeted their disgust.

One of the fans, made up of women and young girls, shared in a new release that Kardashian “has thousands of fans in Bahrain. Not only is she beautiful, she is an icon of what a woman should be in the modern world. She is strong, independent and smart. She is a successful businesswoman and we love her for that.”

It’s believed that promotions like this are orchestrated to shift the focus away from protests and arrests that have been going on as of late.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Candle Westmoreland

    Kim K is a huge embarrassment to all American women because she doesn’t have enough sense to have respect for the women of countries she visits to tone down her whorish persona when she visits countries when women are more conservative in their dress for whatever reason. Does she always have to look like a streetwalker when in public Deeta Von Teese (the stripper) is more of a lady than Kim is. Catering to the base carnal appetite of men earns their disrespect, and she is needy, no wonder she can’t keep a man.

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