Kim Kardashian Shows Off That Ass In A Skintight Catsuit [PHOTOS]

Kim Grabs Kanye's Bum
The Kardashian family has a thing for butts.
You Kardashian kids, always up to something cah-razy.

Kim Kardashian hosted a Halloween party at Liv Nightclub in Miami, FL last night (October 31st), and she managed to convince her entourage to dress accordingly.  Wearing a skintight (latex? Pleather?) catsuit, Kardashian made sure the bedonk got as much camera time as the rest of her did.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are really warming my heart.  I don’t know if it’s the impending holiday season or if I’m just super-emotional, but their PDA is adorable.

Someone asked me the other day what Kanye West is doing these days besides dating Kardashian.  Why, he’s a reality star at the moment.  Didn’t you know?

Oh yeah.  Jonathan Cheban was there.