Kim Kardashian Shops With Sisters, Kris Humphries Claims She Kept All His Money

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Kim Kardashian may have thought all that divorce drama was behind her. Turns out, it is totally not. According to TMZ, Kim’s ex, Kris Humphries, is demanding $7 million from Kim to walk away quietly from their marriage and he claims that he hasn’t seen a penny from their joint account. 

Apparently, the two of them put all the money they made together in a joint account that Kris hasn’t been able to access. All he really wants is an annulment, but to get that they have to prove the marriage was a fake, and we all know how against that claim Kim is. So, it looks like the two of them are shit out of luck. 

Kim tried to put on a happy face while shopping in West Hollywood with sisters Kendall and Kylie. Her dress is really cute, but not on her. She’s way to curvy to pull it off. So what do you guys think about all this drama? Should Kim just save it for her Mama? Ohh! I’d like to apologize for that joke. Leave us your thoughts in the comments!