Kim Kardashian Held at Gunpoint, Bound and Gagged in $10M Robbery in Paris

I’m guessing that it is going to be a while before Kim Kardashian visits Paris again.

The reality star left France following being held at gunpoint and robbed by my who were dressed as police officers in a luxury private mansion (apartment) that can be rented out for days or weeks at a time.

According to CNN:

A spokeswoman for Kardashian West said the celebrity was “badly shaken but physically unharmed” following the incident, which took place early Monday morning local time.

The French Interior Ministry said five men threatened the mansion concierge with a weapon, handcuffed him and forced him to open the private apartment.

Two of the men were able to gain entry to Kardashian’s room, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office, and a gun was held to her head. A source familiar with the situation told CNN that Kardashian’s two children, North West and Saint West, “were not present” at the time of the incident.

She was locked in a bathroom while the men took two cell phones and jewelry worth millions of dollars, the Interior Ministry said.

Thank goodness that her children weren’t present, or her husband Kanye West, because, who knows what he would have done?

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