Kim Kardashian: Reality Star, Girlfriend…and Recording Artist???

February 20th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Have you heard who the newest socialite turn singer is? It is the one and the only Kim Kardashian. Surprised? I was a bit, but then again what has she NOT done in this industry? Especially considering her family made $65 Million last year.

One of my favorite reality show stars has recorded her first track, “Turn It Up” with The-Dream, which is due out in about 3 weeks. While I am still trying to imagine what that song will sound like, I was pleasantly surprised to that the proceeds will be going to charity. Kardashian explains to, “It’s all in fun, We just had a good time and the proceeds are going to a cancer organization [because we both] lost a parent to cancer.”

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On Feb. 12, Kardashian took some time out of her busy schedule to watch her man, Kris Humphries who plays for the New Jersey Nets, play against the New York Knicks. Seems like she was enjoying herself, and her finger-licking good cotton candy, until she spotted the photographer.

By Nicole McPeck

  1. whatadumbwhore

    I blame society for giving this useless whore the time of day

  2. suz

    Ugh – get some decent colour-matching foundation. You look like you’ve been covered in clay!

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