Kim Kardashian Opens DASH Store, Then Gets Slapped With Ticket [PHOTOS]

Swanky Swanky
This couple always seems to be riding in style!
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West drove up to the opening of her new DASH store in West Hollywood in a fabulous new black Rolls-Royce, greeting hordes of fans right outside the store. But as soon as Kardashian stepped out, a parking attendant stepped in… to slam a ticket on her illegally parked car.

I wonder if she even knew she got a ticket. The ticket mysteriously disappeared before she came back, presumably by one of her team. Why can’t that ever happen to me?

And, of course, the best part of this story is that Kim had been pulled over just 24 hours earlier for not showing the license plates of her car. She got off again when she revealed that she stowed them in her glove compartment. She had been followed by the paps, so that’s probably why she got off without a fine.

I’ll try and remember that one next time I get pulled over!