Kim Kardashian On Being Flour Bombed: “The Show Must Go On” [VIDEO]

March 23rd, 2012 // 1 Comment

No one’s sure if PETA was behind that flour bombing incident last night at West Hollywood’s London Hotel, but Kim Kardashian spoke to TMZ Live today about what happened on the red carpet and if that culprit “crossed the line.”

“It was crazy, but I just tried to laugh it off,” Kardashian told Harvy Levin.  ”I went up to my room, dusted off my jacket [and] used a blowdryer to get all that powder out of my hair.”  She then added, ”The show must go on, I guess.”

What was the reality star’s take on the attack?  ”Whatever your beliefs are, if you’re acting in a violent way and doing something that is illegal, that’s not ok and that’s bullying.”

Kardashian managed to keep her cool while reps grabbed the f bomber.  ”I was pretty calm and was just like ‘OK.’”

Listen to her interview after the jump.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. JRG

    whats wrong with her security people? nobody should of gotten that close to her.lucky it was only flour its really ashame,kinda scary, time for better security

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