Kim Kardashian Nude Photos That Surfaced Are Not Of Her, Shows Off Ample Assets In NYC [PHOTOS]

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What has come out of the star's mouth?
Kim Kardashian, who has long put the scandal involving herself, a former boyfriend and a sex tape behind her, has denied that she is the woman featured in a nude photograph which has hit a number of websites.

The photograph, which shows a naked dark haired woman frying eggs, was first featured on blog, before making its way onto website Media Takeout.

“It’s not her. You can totally tell. It looks nothing like her,” the Daily Mail quoted her spokesman as saying.

The 31-year-old socialite looked decidedly unruffled by the scandal as she strolled through New York on Thursday. 

Kim is also in news for her affair with rapper Kanye West. After spending a night at West’s home, the reality TV star was seen with a suspicious mark on her neck which was speculated to be a love bite. She also flaunted gold-and-diamond-studded earrings that spelled out Kanye West’s initials.