Kim Kardashian Needs Help To Fit Into Her Wedding Dress

Kim Kardashian hired A-list Trainers Gunner Peterson and Tracey Anderson to help her shed 15 pounds so she can slip on two size 2 Vera Wang wedding dresses. She wants to wear one dress for the vows and another for the reception. Kardashian is a curvy size four and is 125 pounds. This boy crazy socialite is going all out for this wedding, and hopefully this is her one and only wedding. Kim’s sister Khloe Kardashian jokingly calls this wedding “the royal wedding 2.”

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Trainer Tracey Anderson Tells

“We don’t want to take away Kim’s amazing curves, so we just do specific movements to tighten the skin and to pull the muscles tight against the bone.”

Kim is going hard to work off those pounds. Celebrity instructor Tracey Anderson prepared a twice a day total body workout for Kim. Gunnar Peterson has Kim doing curls and lunges two to three times per week. Kim also attends Barry Boot Camp. Even Heidi Klum ran a 4-mile-run with Kim one morning in New York City.

Although Klum ran 4-miles with Kim she apparently didn’t make the wedding guest list. No new friends or work associates have made the cut for Kim’s guest list, as well as Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez, who will not be in attendance. Close friends Brittny Gastineau and La La Vazquez didn’t even make the bridal party. Only Kim’s sisters and close childhood friends made the bridal party cut.