Kim Kardashian May Marry Kris Humphries By The End Of This Summer

Kim Kardashian took fiance Kris Humphries to Scott Hill Bespoke Designs in Beverly Hills yesterday, the latest stop on the “Let’s Get Married Before The End Of Summer” tour.  Earlier in the week, Kardashian and Humphries were spotted at Geary’s and Williams Sonoma registering for gifts, and now the reality star has her New Jersey Nets forward getting fitted for his wedding tux.

Sporting a YSL tee (probably bought by her) with visible sweat stains (probably caused by her), Humphries sat at Scott Hill looking a little bored with wedding shopping.  He’s a dude, and dudes don’t jive with wedding details.

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Kardashian told Jay Leno Tuesday night that she hopes to be married soonish.  “We’re hoping to get married by the end of the summer, we’re just going to go for it,” she explained on The Tonight Show.  According to the Daily Mail, Scott Hill’s factory closes for the month of August, and it takes five weeks to make a suit.  So the company’s site stresses that suits ordered after July 20th wouldn’t be ready until October 15th.

Check out Kardashian’s appearance on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno from Tuesday night.  Jay attempted to find out if her 20.5 carat engagement ring was real, and the wary star insisted that a contract was necessary before they go any further.