Kim Kardashian Looks Virginal In White [PHOTOS]

Kim's Harsh Critics
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Well I didn’t say she was virginal, I said she looked it. 

Kim Kardashian was spotted in London–again–leaving her hotel and doing what she does best, smiling, waving, posing and wearing clothes better than most of the world’s population. 

Kim and BF Kanye West are currently in London together promoting all sorts of things from perfume and Quicktrim to their love. I assume they’re promoting they’re love. They seem to love their love, no?

Isn’t it amazing how people all over the world are obsessed Kim Kardashian? Sure she may only be famous for being famous, but bitches don’t care, they eat it all up. 

Of course, there are the few and the proud who take to her IMDb page to post internet truths. Check out the photos in the gallery and tell us what you think of Kim’s outfit. Love the sleeves.