Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Sport Very Interesting Looks For Givenchy At Paris Fashion Week

Kim K Goes See-Through
Kim Kardashian pushes the sexy envelope.
Guys, did you know that Kim Kardashian is out of hiding? Because if you didn’t, she really wants you to.

Oh wait, sorry, Kim wasn’t in hiding, she just didn’t leave her house for 3 months. Any hoo, the new mom and her baby daddy, Kanye West, were spotted being couplie and “fashionable” at the Givenchy womenswear show during Paris Fashion Week.

You know, I really used to love Givenchy, then Ricardo Tisci started putting Kim in all these really awful clothes and I’ve lost the love. 

Remember when Kim wore a couch at the Met Ball? Of course you do. Well that was Ricardo. And apparently the dress she wore at fashion week was Ricardo, too. Kim even Tweeted:

Yeah, this for sure looks like a day before the show dress. The sheer top is weird, there’s a giant slit that’s not sexy and the cut just makes Kim look way bigger than she is. Why can’t she dress like this more? I liked this. Also, Kanye is wearing crocodile boots and a fur trimmed coat. Know why? Cause he’s Kanye.

Too bad North didn’t join them in the front row. That would have made it all so much better. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the couple at fashion week. Disliking Kim’s outfit as much as I am? Sound off in the comments!