Kim Kardashian apologizes for telling folks to get over Jeffree Star’s racism and more news

The internet is a vast place and there is no way you can see everything posted. Here are some stories that you may have missed that we think are click-worthy.

Kim Kardashian was called names and everyone was like “chica, don’t speak for black people ever again, that apology wasn’t yours to accept.” [Celebitchy]

— Former Apprentice contestant Clay Aiken issued an apology on Twitter Tuesday night for ever defending “actually racist” Donald Trump. [Towleroad]

— WATCH: This incredibly important and terrifying VICE documentary chronicles what happened in Charlottesville and is growing in the USA. [omgblog]

— A Suits spin-off starring Gina Torres to air backdoor pilot in 2018. [Coming Soon]

— WATCH: The stakes are high for Jessica Chastain in Molly’s Game trailer. [Homorazzi]

— New $28.75 charge for Elvis vigil riles fans. The event used to be free. [Newser]

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