Kim Kardashian In 2012: Boobs, Bums And Odd Outfits [PHOTOS]

December 30th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Let me begin by saying that this is all Kanye West‘s fault.  It all started during Paris Fashion Week last February, when Kim Kardashian attended his show wearing $6000 shoes (designed by West) and some fur get-up that must have made PETA’s head explode.

From that point on, Kardashian’s outfits slowly became weirder and weirder.  There were the Celine leather sweatpants she tweeted (goodness, those were ugly), and then there was the peplum leather skirt with a black midriff top.  Come on, Kim.

Despite that fact that she are a complete narcissist, I think the reality star has a great sense of style.

Dear Kim: The next time West brings his stylist to your house to clean out that closet, send her on her way. 

We probably missed a few doozies from this year, so let us know which of Kardashian’s outfits made you scream “UGGO?”

By Kelly Lynch

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