Kim Kardashian Rocks Sexy Heels, Plus A Look At The Wedding Invite

That Kim Kardashian is truly a master of walking in heels. I mean seriously, look at those puppies! Kim was spotted yesterday leaving her home and wearing a pair of fantastic Christian Louboutin Lady Clou Lucifer Bow Spiked Slingbacks. At least that’s what US Weekly says they’re called.

The shoes are a whopping 6-inches tall, which only makes the 5’3″ Kim a foot shorter than her fiancé Kris Humphries who comes in at 6’9″. Yup, I shit you not she’s 5’3″ and he’s 6’9″. I wanna know how they do anything together with that height difference. Could you imagine hugging someone that much taller than you?

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TMZ recently got their hands on a copy of Kim and Kris’s wedding invite. It’s a pretty simple invite, but pretty. Also, I know this is ridiculous, but looking at their invite was the first time I realized that his name starts with a “K” and not a “C”. Like, I’d noticed it before, but now it matches the rest of the Kardashian family. Well done Kim, finding yourself a K-man.

Other than the crazy hot heels, Kim was rocking a cute shirt with a striped top that really showed off the girls up top. She doesn’t seem to care about covering up the psoriasis on her legs. And more power to her for not. You work that skin condition Kim! Work it! Check out the gallery to appreciate more of Kim’s heels.