Kim Kardashian: Hard-Knock Preggo Life [PHOTOS]

Pregnancy is, like, so hard.

With bangs angling that chiseled face of hers, Kim Kardashian attended the premiere of Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions Of A Marraige Counselor.  Yes, Kardashian has a part in the movie and yes, she’s amazing.

“Being pregnant is not as easy as my sister [Kourtney] made it look or as my mom [Kris Jenner] has made it look,” Kardashian told E! (via People).


“It’s a little painful,” Kardashian added.  “I’ve gotten sick a couple times, and that puts you out.”

Kanye’s baby mama has also adopted a taste for more savory items.”

“I’m craving carrots and ranch dressing,” she said. “I used to love sweets — not anymore. [I] can’t even eat chocolate.”