Kim Kardashian Goes Shopping With Kanye West & Kris Jenner In Her Party Clothes

Kim's Life Lessons
15 lessons from Kim Kardashian in GIFs!
When you’re Kim Kardashian, you can go shopping wearing whatever you want. Which is precisely what the reality star did today.

Earlier this morning, Kim was a guest at the The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast. As Kim is a woman and in entertainment, she attended wearing this gold dress and matching jacket. I’m still not entirely convinced it’s not mustard yellow.

After the breakfast, Kim, Kanye West and Kris Jenner did some shopping at their local Beverly Hills Barney’s. And of course, Kim wore her fancy clothes.  

I get why she did it. Don’t you love when you’re super dressed up and go somewhere really random? Like, if I’m dressed up for a party then stop by like a drug store or something, it’s just so entertaining.

Know what else is entertaining? The bikini body that Kim displayed on the cover of Us Weekly. The cover has caused some uproar about whether or not it’s doctored. I’m more amused by the fact that she took photographers to the beach for an Us Weekly cover shoot.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Kim’s fancy shopping look. Do any of you guys get a kick out of doing that, too? Sound off in the comments!