Kim Kardashian Gets Kicked Off Stage, Then Dances With Prince In NYC

February 8th, 2011 // 3 Comments

Last night, pop icon Prince invited reality tv queen Kim Kardashian to join him on stage for a bit of a dance. It’s part of his usual show where he has a bit of audience participation.

However, she was so shocked that she froze and refused to dance. Prince then told her get off the stage…but he gave up and asked her back and she made up for it!

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“Went up on stage AGAIN!” she tweeted afterwards. “This time I redeemed myself. We all played the piano while Prince danced. Wow! What a night!”


Kardashian wore a striking Alexander McQueen dress and was attending the concert with her new beau, New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries.

Kris, 25, cuddled up to Kim as they sat together in the venue – and afterwards as they left he covered her with his jacket to protect her from the rain outside. They wrapped up their evening with a trip to the exclusive Darby supper club. And he’s talked about buying her a ring and she posted a picture of him as a child on Twitter and wrote, “I want my son to look like this.”

Glad they are taking it slow…

By Justin Thompson


    Why don’t she sit her tired ass down some where. She is such a pass around.she is always tring to get into some mans pants,just as along as they have some type of money. It’s such a shame that a mother has that many daughters and they turn out that way. I feel so sorry for the younger sisters.Kim has to have more Aids test than Who£$s have.She been with more men then she has fingers and toes.Wait;wait lets add her four others sisters to that count. She is a fake Bit%%. The media is so stuck on her that they are just stuck on being stupid. So Miss KIM keep staying on your back and keep getting paid cause u will be needing the money to take care of your self once u get that sickness that can not be cured.I cannot stand you. And yes you get shots in your butt,and you wear but pad.

  2. robin

    How about you shut your mouth and stop hating b/c its taste-less and embarrassing. # Honestly

  3. Kate

    I’m with “Robin”‘s comment…look at that long ass paragraph, this chick took the time to write all that trash about someone she supposably doesn’t care for…jealousy really is an ugly ugly thing…it’s sad when people become consumed with envy and hate, makes them look pathetic and sad…and Im not a Kim Kardashian fan either, but I can admit when someone is beautiful, even if beauty is their only obvious talent…and more power to her! She’s making bank, and her families already filthy rich so she’s set for life…and I can count on one hand how many “romances” she’s had since I’ve known who she was so I don’t know where this chick gets off saying Kims a skank or a prostitute, and of course she dates men who are successful and have money, but so is she so the whole gold digger innuendo makes no sense, plus there also young and attractive, which is likely where her attraction to them lies, not in their wallets…I’ve wasted far too much time already on this dumb $hit so I’m done…

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