Kim Kardashian Dons A White Bathing Suit In Miami, May Or May Not Have A New Sex Tape [PHOTOS]

I’m not sure why, but Kim Kardashian dressed herself up for a day at the beach with sister Kourtney.  The two girls are in Miami, Florida to film Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, a spin-off that sees the relocation and revamping of their Dash Miami store.

Word on the street is that Kardashian’s boyfriend, Kanye West has a sex tape out there.  Another word on the street is that Kardashian, or someone who looks a lot like her, co-stars in said sex tape.  This is a separate tape (same genre) from the one Kardashian made in 2007 with ex-boyfriend, Ray-J.

According to MediaTakeOut (via Ess Curve), the alleged stills from the tape do look a lot like Kardashian.  Regarding the tape, lawyers for West confirm that it is his.