Kim Kardashian Does Some Shopping With Her Sisters, Steals Kylie Jenner’s Bikini

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Look at those Kardashian sisters in Miami today, doing what they do best: shopping.

Kim, Khloe and little sister Kylie were seen in the city today, taking selfies and making purchases together. You know what they say, the family that selfies together stays together.

Now, do you think they all planned on wearing neutral colors? Or is that just how it happened? Because I appreciate it. Do you know what I else I apprecaite? That Kim totally stole Kylie’s bikini. 

The reality star posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, “Yep stole Kylie’s bikini…she’s not getting it back.”

I mean, it does look pretty good on her. Although Kylie wore it nicely as well.

Now, is it wrong that I’m amazed the bottom fit over Kim’s butt? I know that sounds rude, but it is a rather large behind, and Kylie’s is not. Brava, Kim.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the Kardashians taking over Miami. So who do you think wore the black bikini better? Kim or Kylie? Sound off in the comments below!