Kim Kardashian Continues To Invade London, Heading To Cannes Next [PHOTOS]

Brace yaselves.  Kim Kardashian will join Kanye West at the Cannes Film Festival where he’ll premiere Cruel Summer next Wednesday (out of competition).  According to Entertainment Weekly, it will be artsy and involve an “immersive seven-screen experience.”  Neat.  Couldja leave the Kardashian at home?

The reality star, for her part, has been keeping up appearances in London.  Killing two birds with one stone, Kardashian promoted two products today and made sure to get camera time with West.

Kim Kardashian’s Hottest Pics

First there was the True Reflection fragrance appearance at the Rose Club.  Kardashian then took her Stella McCartney-clad buttox, straightened hair and oversized lips to St. Pancras Renaissance hotel to hawk QuikTrim to a UK audience.  Tonight her appearance on Alan Carr premieres as well.

Aside from the pure crappity of it all, what do you think of Kardashian’s two outfits today?