Kim Kardashian Cakes On The Makeup, Wears $6K Heels [PHOTOS]

Katy Perry
The singer at Paris Fashion Week.
If you look at the photo of Kim Kardashian taken earlier today (March 6th), you’ll notice that her natural look is a lot more appealing than her “I’m-All-Done-Up-Now-Kanye-Come-Hither” face at Kanye West’s ready-to-wear fashion show in Paris.

While Rosario Dawson and Alicia Keys kept their looks subdued, Kardashian and Sean Combs vied for the most ridiculous outfit award, with Kardashian teetering on marshmallow heels.

Said stilettos were designed by West and, according to the Huffington Post, cost $6,000.  They’re on sale at famous Parisian retailer Collette, but I’m still not sure what makes them cost so much.  Are the embellishments part of Ariel’s under-the-sea collection?