Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries Honeymoon Is On Hold

August 18th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Ideally Kim Kardashian would like to have a glamorous traditional wedding ceremony with a beautiful honeymoon that follows but everything can’t be perfect. Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian have to put their honeymoon on hold because of their demanding work schedule. They have too many business commitments including the filming of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. After the wedding, they will look forward to moving into their lovely penthouse suite at the Gansevoort Park Avenue.

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Kim and Kris are set to wed this Saturday! There will be tight security, and no cameras or mobile phones are allowed inside the wedding. They signed a $500,000 deal with People for exclusive wedding photos and the ceremony will be televised on the Kardashian reality TV show in October.

The ceremony will take place in a 20 bedroom mansion located in Santa Barbara, California. There will be 500 guest in attendance. Kim will be wearing three wedding dresses on her big day, all being Vera Wang originals. Oddly, Kim requested that all of her guests wear white on the day of her wedding.

Kathie Lee Gifford told The Huffington Post, “Kim knows better than anyone how to stay dramatic and there is no way she would let herself blend in with everyone else at her wedding by wearing a white dress. If I know her, I bet she will wear red or some colour so she pops against everyone else who will be in black or white.”

By Viannie Bell

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    i feel the same way about have 2 go; but i couldnt go. just felt gassy. and they give me heedachas. and i ate with them. so i tried taking 1 instead of 2 at a time and i still feel bad. i think im going 2 stop 2. thanks 4 the review and video. i was hoping some1 else was taking them. thanx again!!!

  2. Dallana

    I think the wedding was real and fake. Real, as in, they may have been on the same page about their itotnniens to marry. Fake, as in, rushing with the wedding, as it is well timed for a tv show. I think STRONGLY that the timing was dictated by tv season and business. We also see Kim and her mother went into total bridezilla mode disrespecting Kris. The wedding looked totally made for tv, and not one part of the wedding looked real. Kim herself admitted this.I also feel that Kris was the bigger man, and most of the family treated him very badly. I think Kim is the most business oriented of the three sisters, and is too invested in brand Kim’ goaded by her mother, who IS NOT HELPING and not ready to settle down with anybody, despite being a hopeless romantic. I think she refuses to make the slightest adjustments that a marriage requires, (you can change your name legally, and keep the old name for business). Like heidi klum and loads of other celebs. Hello? The whole name change incident is ridiculous, considering she is the daughter of a lawyer, guess they know nothing about law. The wedding was an act of imbecility, and so is the divorce. The imbecileness does make a mockery out of marriage. And her mother dont help either. A warning for all bridezillas.My sympathies are with Kris. And none with Kim. As her sister Khloe pointed out, Kim cannot be trusted AT ALL in these matters.

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