Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Take On The World With Impeccable Style [PHOTOS]

Kim and Kanye
10 reasons they belong together.
Kim talks to Oprah
The star opens up to the talk show host about her relationship.
Even though Kim’s divorce to Kris Humphries is still not finalized, it seems as if she has already moved on!

Who are we kidding, we know she has already moved on. She has been dating Kanye West for almost double the time she was married to Kris, and honestly, I think they are a better couple! Same lifestyle, high-fashion tastes, ambition, inteligence and sexiness are all things the new couple shares. Even though they have only been dating since the beginning of April, they have been photographed more times than some celebrity couples that have been in a relationship for a decade.

The epic relationship that is Kimye has already taken the world by storm. The couple looks happy, but even more importantly, they look good together. The fashionable couple is always picture perfect. Kim’s style has gotten edgier while Kanye has continued on with his casual yet classy badass wardrobe.

Bottom line, they both look hot while wearing haute couture. So check out this gallery to see the couple’s compatible style.