Kim Kardashian And 6 Other Celebs Who Love To Tweet Photos Of Themselves [PHOTOS]

Toilet Tweets
Jessica Simpson tweets from a stall.
We live in a very vain time right now.  Celebrities both major and minor (more minor, I suppose) are posting photos of themselves all over in the internet, assuming we’re grateful to catch them at their most candid.

Please.  Do you really think the person who took that photo of Jessica Simpson in Laguna Beach March 1st caught her in a quiet moment?  Hell no.  She had some minion back up far enough to get the pregnant star in a good light with a perfect chin angle before snapping the photo.

And when Kim Kardashian tweets one of many many photos of her Zoolander face captioned with “I’m bored.  What’s up?” I shake my head in disgust.  Where is the modesty, people?

There are some twitpics that should be shared because they’re either adorable or great conversation starters.  Others are just an excuse for these narcissists to flip through 9,000,000,000 photos of themselves in some staged pose.  Remember when Paris Hilton would take photos of herself on The Simple Life.  This ludacris act has become the norm.