Kim Granatell Steals The Spotlight At Kardashian Mastercard Launch

Real Housewife Kim Granatell was the star of the show at the launch for the Kardashian sisters’ Mastercard last night. Kim Kardashian and sisters Khloe and Kourtney were busy and rushed at the event, so Kim stepped in as the fan favorite! Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro was there on the scene at Pacha in NYC

The Kardashians have been mighty busy lately with the launch of their Mastercard (check out the video of Kim talking about the card after the jump) as well as the opening of the newest DASH boutique in NYC, and had to leave the party early. There was such a big crowd at the DASH event that police had to be called, and this one also had a big turnout. Luckily, Kim G was there to satisfy the crowds!

“On the way out of the club, I watched as fans flocked around Kim G,” Murro said. She spent tons of time posing for photos and talking with her fans.” Way to step into that spotlight! That’s what Real Housewives do!